Gallery XO

100% love it
Art and Framing
Decorate your walls with fine contemporary art, nude and otherwise. Also, frame shop for the art you already have.


    • chillguytoenjoy
      chillguytoenjoy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love this gallery! I'm from the northeast and we don't have anything like Gallery XO. I'm transitioning to live in Fort Lauderdale and I love looking through what the gallery has to offer. One trip is never enough, since the gallery is always bringing in new artists and new pieces by their existing artists. I particularly love Maciel Cantelmo's art. Recently I had to buy one of his originals, since I see Maciel becoming a very popular artist and I know I made a good investment. In addition to the incredible art they offer, they also do custom framing. The piece I bought was amazing, but I wanted a frame that was more ornate to match my decor. The guys at the gallery worked with me and gave me the frame that I wanted at a very good price. They are a pleasure to work with and I reccommend them to all my friends! I haven't written a review on the gallery, but after my last visit I wanted to give them the credit they deserve. I was shocked that they had completely redesigned the gallery and brought in more framing options. I have had other pieces framed by them, but now I have so many choices that I will be back for more. The gallery is a small gallery, but they have intuatively place so much in such a small space. If you haven't stopped in to see the gallery, I highly reccommend you put it on your list. They ship art, so I have bought a number of pieces and had them shipped to my home up north. The art always arrives well packed and protected. This is a big deal to me, since I have had so many pieces from other galleries shipped and have been damaged in the shipping. These guys know what they are doing!!

    • Incredible, Stimulating and Best Selection of Male Gay Art
      Last year I was at a house party in Palm Beach and noticed several pencil drawings on the walls of the hosts walls. There was something so special about them, I asked the host about the artist and he told me about this gallery in Fort Lauderdale. The way he talked about Maciel Cantelmo and his art, I had to take a trip up to see for myself. Although, art in Miami is wonderful, there is something very sterile about it. I've always loved to see the male physique captured in a drawing or painting and the minute I walked in to this gallery, I realized I had found one of my favorite places. Initially, I thought I would find a couple pieces of art capturing the male figure, but I was shocked to see a gallery with so many artists and nothing but men. Nudes, homoerotic scenes, sculptures and great prices. In Miami the prices would be substantially higher and lacking the perfection of the artists I found here. After spending close to an hour, I left with 2 originals from two different artists. One was Maciel Cantelmo and the other was Donald Rizzo. One piece was already framed and matted and the other had a perfect gallery wrap, so no need for a frame. They immediately found a great spot in my home. So many of my friends asked about the art and where I got it. They felt the same way I felt when I first saw it that night at the house party. It's hard to explain, but if you love this type of art, you will be in heaven at this gallery. I tell all my friends about it now and quite a few have visited and couldn't resist buying as well. If you are near Fort Lauderdale, make sure to make this one of your stops. If you love male art like I do, you won't be disappointed.

    • cheflasolas
      cheflasolas Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Best Male Art I have ever found
      It's hard to find this type of art and I've been a collector for a long time. I'm always looking to add new pieces and I love visiting this gallery. Unlike other galleries I have visited here in Florida, the people who work here are friendly and helpful. I have never liked the attitude from most gallery owners and I never feel that here. I love that they get new works in all the time and it makes me want to visit at least once a month. I have found that the really great pieces are gone as soon as they get them and I don't want to miss anything. Thanks guys for giving those of us who collect male art what we want. I'll be back many more times.

    • renatotommy
      renatotommy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the best art galleries around for male art!
      Stop in to this intimate gallery right on Wilton Drive and see the resident artist painting. No they are not photographs as many people believe. The artist captures photorealism better than most. Pick up one of his originals or start collecting limited edition prints by the best male nude artists anywhere. Awesome gallery!