Decades Design Group Inc

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For lovers of home design
Mid-century meets modern at Decades, where you can find furniture, rugs, lamps, everything to beautify your home. Both new and authentic vintage pieces for sale.


    • Not a fan. The owner acts bipolar, warm one second, cold the next. They do not disclose damage on anything so you have to check very closely for cracks, chips, missing veneer, stuck drawers ( nobody likes stuck drawers ) and other problems. Also I would not trust any upholstery from this shop as ..well… it might “bug” you later if you catch the drift. And Honey, if I’mma gonna catch bugs I’d rather have fun doing it. All that glitters is not gold so buyer BEWARE.

    • cresive
      cresive Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Decades is a place you have to visit constantly due to the inventory turnover. that makes it fun, as it is different every time. Decades shows a lot of consignments, but also has a lot of new stuff from local artists. I have a friend who wanted to buy a painting, went home and when we returned it had been sold. He has since seen some similar paintings but at a greatly increased cost!!

    • ThePackage
      ThePackage Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place to find rare mid century modern furniture!
      Decades carries lots of furniture for the home. Many of the pieces are rare mid century finds you will not find anywhere else. Items like knoll tables or 70's glass and chrome tables or arc lamps are just a few examples you may find there. Every week they receive new items, so check them out frequently. Love this place!