Inn Leather Guest House & Resort

75% love it
"By leathermen for leathermen"
Inn Leather: where every room has a sling! Caters to the international leather & levi community, with loyal fans who visit from around the world. Clothing-optional, most guests enjoy the grounds in the buff.


    • GayInFtL
      GayInFtL 11 months ago
      Hates it

      Cockroaches all over the room I was in.

    • TravelDetails
      TravelDetails Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Among the last of the all male clothing optional in Ft Lauderdale. Several others have been converted to "Gay Friendly" or "Family Friendly" which is not the same. Also, other gay hotels have 20+ story buildings next to them which compromises privacy around the pool. The pool area at InnLeather is blocked from outsiders looking in which is much appreciated. Within minutes to FLL airport and cruise ship terminal. Strong WiFi. Free parking which is rare nowadays. I have found the front desk very accommodating if approached in a friendly manner.

    • peacefuldavid
      peacefuldavid Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Paradise for Play
      I always enjoy the rare treat that is Inn Leather Guest House and Resort. I bet you will too! Inn Leather, the clothing optional, all male resort in sunny South Florida, is a unique opportunity for gay men to make new friends and to rejuvenate. Reasonably priced and beautifully landscaped, Inn Leather has 12 rocking rooms (each includes an individual sling). The rooms are clean, with provocative decor, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. You can let it all hang out in the large, clean, heated pool, and the relaxing Jacuzzi. There is a shaded patio near the pool where a continental breakfast is served daily. The grounds are filled with many delightful outdoor areas, which are secluded, beautiful, and perfect for intimacy. Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, it is 2 miles from the beach, 3 miles from Ft. Laud/Hollywood International Airport, and 5 miles from The Island City of Wilton Manors. There are several restaurants within walking distance, including Bar-B-Que and Dennys. Wilton Manors is a gay friendly city, which offers a multitude of entertainment, ranging from talented singer in small intimate spaces, to the great open dance floor where anything goes, and everything in-between. With the great variety of fashion clothing stores, delicious restaurants, and live entertainment, it is a gay man's dream destination.

    • dc57
      dc57 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      They treat you like you are on a day pass
      A friend of mine stayed at this place and I was quite excited to try it when my husband and I needed a place to stay before our cruise. We arrived early due to taking a red eye, and they left us keys to get into our room. When I went to the office in the morning to check in I was quite surprised they took a copy of my credit card and license. When I told them I was uncomfortable with this, the (less than helpful clerk) said this was the rule I would have to speak to Milan. When MIlan finally came out he advised me that he needed to do this to prove to the credit card company that I was actually there. He claimed he did this for the resorts protection just in case we trashed the room (which he indicated happens often). Guess they don't trust their guest. They take day passes which really creates a playful atmosphere, but apparently causes them problems. The jacuzzi was broken, the outdoor sling had been stolen. They even had a picture of thief's in the resort stealing things with a sign that said "watch your wallet boys" Next when I went to go get a dvd, the clerk gave me a rack of about 6 dvd's. When I said is that all, he said they have trouble with people returning them.....and then proceeded to go on a rant about how they day passes brought in the riff raff and drug oriented clientele. I took two dvd's and went to my room. I tried to play one and it would not work. I went back to the office and asked if they could show me how to operate the dvd palyer.....the clerk gave me the deer in the headlight look like don't bother me. Then he said, oh your in room 3, that player is broken.Then later in the afternoon, he yelled at my husband for sitting in a lounge chair that someone else had moved. As to the room it was just ok. The sling was right in front of the bathroom, so you had to walk around it/under it just to get in there. When we checked out on Sunday, the (much nicer clerk they had that day) told me he would need to inspect the room before we checked out.....REALLY. Bottom line, stay at one of the other gay resorts and come to this place on a day pass as there was NO action at night.

    • RandyPhilly
      RandyPhilly Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Stayed here for three days with my bf, had a great time... while the facilities are showing their age, the maintenance team works to keep the place clean and functional. It is a place to play, the marketing statement that "every room has a sling" speaks to the reality that the place is set up for good playtimes.... not only the sling, but play towels in every room, paper towels in a logical location for cleanup use, etc..... Staff is universally polite, concerned about your general welfare and responsive to any demand.. Yes, the place is a bit out of the loop in terms of the "gayborhood" in Wilton Manor, but that is handled with a ten-minute drive.

    • Jogab37
      Jogab37 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Such a nice afternoon
      We call for an advertising we found in a local bar and we were treated and received VIP. Milan the manager and the owner both were excellent as were all the people there, very friendly. The administration were all the time trying to make us to have a great time . The local perfect for a relaxing time with men. Definitely we will come back and stay there for a week end at least.

    • scollayunder
      scollayunder Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Good Place to Spend a Day Around the Pool
      I didn't stay here but got a day pass to use their facilities. For only $10 it's a great place to hang by the pool all day, bathing suit optional. It also serves as a kind've outdoor darkroom with play areas around various corners. It's definitely been an older crowd both times I've been there. Inn Leather has the potential to be a really fun place to spend a day in Fort Lauderdale. Milan was very nice and accommodating at the front desk.

    • HugoSorensen
      HugoSorensen Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice and relaxed, frieldly
      Nice and frienly place with a nice pool area and other "corners", rooms have a fair standard. Frienly and relaxed crowd, when we visited.

    • bigtaters
      bigtaters Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It has been 2 years since my last visit. Things have changed for the better, including the managers. The New managers are keeping the place clean, painting the rooms and keeping up with the maintenance. They also take time out to get to know there guests that stay longer than a few nights. I will continue to stay there, whenever I am in the area. If any body writes a bad review, there is something wrong the that person.

    • Gaytravelers
      Gaytravelers Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Bad management
      Due to new management, we do not recommend this place

    • David32
      David32 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This place really is a real dump. Staff is very rude. Rooms are awful and they do not even clean the rooms everyday. They act like they are doing YOU a favor for staying there. NOT in a good part of town! There are plenty of nice places to stay in Ft. Laudedale other than this dump!

    • Lots of Fun!
      Have been here a few times and will return again, lots of fun!

    • doitandgo
      doitandgo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hot sex
      Have stayed here a few times, always had a hot time. Only problem they charge extra for the second person(partner of 25 years) that sucks. No other resort does this.

    • Tweetybird
      Tweetybird Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Clean place, wonderful owner.
      This is our third visit. The place is not dirty at all. It's quite clean. You can feel relaxed being nude everywhere. There are not enough older fellows for us. Would like to see more of them :-) This is where you go to see the kind of guys featured in the leather magazines. Many are quite spectacular. The one word of caution. You ABSOLUTELY MUST request a written, email CONFIRMATION of your rate per night and most importantly, your BALANCE DUE. Unfortunately, one staff member will quote you one price, and when you get there, another staff person will have "whited out" your original quoted rate on your reservation card, and charge you a much higher rate. Kind of "bait and switch". Getting it in writing when you book will avoid this embarrassment and feeling of victimization.

    • top2btm2
      top2btm2 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Inn Leather