W Fort Lauderdale

84% love it
Ultimate beachfront hotspot

When W Fort Lauderdale opened, it became one of the top hotels in Fort Lauderdale. The upper pool deck overlooking the beach is a glorious place to enjoy cocktails and relaxing views, while the glass-bottom pool above the lobby gives guests a sultry view from down below. The rooms are stylish, modern, and well-appointed with the most comfortable beds in the industry. W Fort Lauderdale is particularly active with the LGBTQ+ community and hosts tons of queer events!


    • BosGuy
      BosGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Mixed feelings
      The W-FTL is the largest W property I think I've stayed at and it is well situated a few blocks from the gay beach with many rooms providing nice views of the ocean. If you are not a 'beach person' the hotel also has a beautiful pool with great views of the water. It may be one of the best pools in FTL, although I'm not familiar enough with the town to know for sure. For a relatively new property I was surprised by the amount of noise you could hear in the hallway and the lack of amenities that I am accustomed to - for example the radio / alarm clock in the room did not have a docking station for my iPod and everyone in our party (there were 9 of us travelling) agreed the beds were not that comfortable. Note: internet is not free in your room, but it is free in the hotel lobby and bar.

    • SF13
      SF13 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      internet NOT free, noxious odors
      I stayed here for 3 nights on a conference. I was very disappointed to find that internet in my $199 room cost an extra $14 some. A walk around the block showed motels costing $69 with free internet. A bottle of water cost $8. Yes there was 'free' internet at their 'Living Room'.. but it was only good for 2 hours. The front desk was not on the ground floor but rather on the 4th floor.. not very convenient, and one had to walk down this hallway to get to the guest rooms.. past 2 shops reeking of cheap scents. I did not enjoy this daily assault on my nose. Nor did I enjoy the horrible cleaning agent the hotel used that made me want to hold my breath. In addition, one night at around 9pm as I was walking down the hallway to my room, one of the staff members asked me to produce my room card. I did do so, but was extremely put off by such treatment. I doubt I will stay at another W again.