Club Fort Lauderdale

82% love it
Good clean fun
A private men's club open all hours for good fun anytime. Besides a state-of-the-art gym, it also feature private rooms, a sauna and a pool. Relax, socialize and make friends at Club Fort Lauderdale.


    • mtguy50
      mtguy50 1 year ago
      Loves it

      i liked club fort lauderdale the guys were nice and i would go back i had fun

    • Tommym
      Tommym Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Went got attacked by asst manager told he would come after me for a bad review I posted said he had my info becouse i was a member so much for a private club I WOULD THINK HE WOULD BE FIRED FOR THREATENING A CUSTOMER WATCH OUT GUYS

    • txdfwguy
      txdfwguy Over a year ago

      Actually went here on vacation with an x boyfriend, and we decided to do the bathhouse since it was rainy that day for the beach. Ended up meeting a pornstar for alphamale and had a good time. My X got laid two by two hot daddies. And I enjoyed talking with a number of hot guys out by the hottub.

    • amsterdamer69
      amsterdamer69 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice facility when its all open but unethical management
      Ive gone to this place a few times over the years, its always been decent though pricey. It attracts an older bearish to elderly clientele but there are some outliers of younger folks in there but its not its target audience. I went looking forward to full use of the facilities today but after I paid and got in, about half of it was shut down and there was active construction and the smell of chemicals and solvents was overwhelming. After a few minutes I went back to the desk to request a refund or credit for a future visit when they were back up to full operation. They declined any accommodation whatsoever citing no refunds. I indicated I was not warned when I checked in nor did the website reveal the situation and they still refused and I left feeling ripped off. Fair play makes for fun play- they lack a sense of fairness and empathy for their customers and should be more transparent about the state of their facilities. Boo Club FLL.

    • invisibleman19
      invisibleman19 Over a year ago

      Nicest bathhouse I have ever been in.
      This is the nicest bathhouse I have ever seen. I know some people mentioned that the showers and other amenities were not working, but that is because they were renovating and it looks GREAT. The problem is that I didn't see any good looking men. I could have just gone on an off night, but IDK.

    • they must have lost their minds
      I used to live in Florida and The Club used to be my favorite place. Last weekend I went down there and decided to visit and, not only that, thinking about further visits, I decided to buy a 6 months membership, which costed me $ 48 - membership plus locker. I noticed a sign mentioned that, their sauna and steaming room were closed for remodeling, but not in a MILLION YEARS I could imagine that, they are not only closed for MONTHS but their showers options are like being in a trashy trailer park. It's unbelievable that they have the nerve to keep the club operating with less than half of the capacity (what's a BATHHOUSE without proper showers/sauna/steaming room?) and for so long while charging full regular price. The MINIMUM they could do is charge HALF of the price or give an ONE YEAR membership to whoever buy six months. I was terribly disappointed feeling as I got ripped off. How sad and disrespectful? I think the owner or manager (if have ANY) should contact EVERYONE that used HALF of their premises and offer extended membership AT LEAST.... otherwise GOOD LUCK. After such disrespectful experience I have NO plans to step again at that place.

    • WastchMePlay
      WastchMePlay Over a year ago

      Fun and Friendly in the Steam Room
      I do enjoy going to the club and wish I can go more often. The grotto style steam room is my favorite play area. It fills with steam to the point where you can only see 3' in front of you. I like not knowing who is there watching me and especially love feeling the occasional hand coming out of no where to caress my body. That gets me so worked up and feeling more than one at a time is so hot. I wish it was that frisky every time I go. I also enjoy the sauna. It's divided into 2 areas by a partition. In there I close my eyes as I sit in the part with no one in it and get the same effect as the steam room. I keep my eyes closed as others come and go hoping to feel a touch from them as they pass. Both the sauna and steam room have windows overlooking the pool and showers. The thought of that comforts me as I float nude in the water or lather my body in the shower. How many people are watching as I play and rub my body thinking I am all alone? How many of them want to watch or play? The other play areas are average. There is nothing that stands out or makes them special. The rooms are basic. There is nothing special about them either like other bathhouses in the U.S. have. I can only hope they improve on them soon as to keep up with others such as a room with a view which would have a 2 way mirror for others to peak in from the hall, or cages, or slings, or holes, or split doors with a key lock bottom. The Clubs Fort Lauderdale does "not" offer any of those features in their private rooms. All though they are plain and the bare minimum, I am still looking forward to my next visit.

    • wadewilson
      wadewilson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      fun times
      This was my first time at a bathhouse and it was so much fun, I met so many nice and hot guys. I can't wait to go back

    • DuckRoggers2038
      DuckRoggers2038 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Real and honest opinion for this place
      I read the reviews on this page before going here... They were very mixed and so I had mixed reservations, especially since I travel and have been to about 10 bath houses around the USA...It really pisses me off when I pay and get in to find the steam room outta order or puffing out no seam...but I went anyway this afternoon before hitting the clubs on Saturday night. wow ... The reviews were mostly wrong about a lot... Atmosphere was great! Great mixed crowd and plenty of men ... Even a Chelsea boy could find three or four dudes he would like. So let's hit the points: - the steam room worked very well... It was always hot, clean, and it was a huge maze type and not a one room bench. - sauna was also working in top condition and has a great tinted window to watch the guys at the pool inside - there were two dark room play areas... One with a sling and the second with a ton of holes in the wall. These spots were even clean - showers were not skeasey one room gym like as the other dude said... They were tiled with cool shower heads and definitely was chill/ relaxed area for playing or showering with your dude - the patio/pool is the main attraction about this place... Reviews were right and it's huge and the best part of club ft Lauderdale. Loved watching the sub set here. - gym it self was huge and well equipped with new modern gym equipment. You could really compare it to a real gym -staff: staff was great... I don't know what that guy was saying. Friendly and ect - rooms... No complaints. My final opinion: this really is one of the best bath houses in the nation... It also surprisingly in the real nice part of town and has great parking. This is the best way to describe my experience... Club ft Lauderdale is more like a country club than a bath house and the staff and establishment have gone out of their way to make sure you feel like your in the most elite gay country club. Apart from the country club luxury, the place still is a huge maze of rooms to cruise and nice dark areas with porn to make it the total package. This is why in the age of Grindr; this place was still doing business during daytime hours. Their really should be no complaints and I'm happy I checked it out. The only people who will be disappointed are those that want skanky and creepy, and unfortunately; skanky, stinky, grimes, or dirty and creepy is part of the attraction for a bathhouse to a lot of people. If that's what you want ... This isn't your place and I don't think the owners are even considering that audience as their target market. My only criticism is it would be great if they had a patio bar and or at least a place to sell snacks and drinks without a vending machine. The only downside is the vending machines sucked and over priced. They have a great chill patio and lounge and unless you pack quarters or dollar bills in 2014 your shit outta luck in enjoying a cold drink in the sun. They should really consider letting you run a tab like a resort and adding some hot sexy cabana boys to the staff to serve drinks pool side, even if they aren't aloud to serve alcohol. Or maybe replacing your vending machines with modern machines that take plastic.

    • arapato
      arapato Over a year ago
      Hates it

      a bunch of C@#?S
      Its true what they say about Florida; it really is a northern state cause the clientele acts like its Chelsea.

    • BHCritic1
      BHCritic1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot times!
      I go here periodically when I am in town. I love the 1/2 price room night on Tuesdays, the place is packed after dinner time. Someone for everyone! The staff is great, especially Larry! This is my favorite BH in the USA! Awesome patio and pool. Well worth the visit!

    • gitchygoomee
      gitchygoomee Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Times
      One of the cleaner and better fitted bath houses I've been to. Also surprisingly younger, musclier crowd.

    • LatinXStud
      LatinXStud Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Customers may be treated with contempt
      I've been a long-time customer from that place. Some employees have worked there for years and are excellent. I am glad to see that for the most part, they manage to hire and retain employees. Over time, I managed to get to somewhat know some of the employees that have been there for years, and a couple are great employees. Now here comes the bad news, there is one exception. This one particular employee works overnight. I have attempted in the past to establish some sort of rapport with this guy, whenever it happened that I had to have some interaction with him (i.e., extending my time or checking out), but he frankly just acts like a felon. He is negative and confrontational. This employee just reeks unhappiness and disgust at the people that come to that place. He treats the customers with apathy and thus, really should not be working in customer service. Regardless of this being a bath-house, there should be some sort of people-skills, when working in that environment. I must post this here (despite the guidelines) as there appears to be no other way to get the attention of management about this. I have complained about him in the past to no avail.

    • alwaysready1023
      alwaysready1023 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hey guys
      hey guys, im trying to have some fun tonight. we can hang, talk, chill. im a great person to meet.

    • pupkinpie2
      pupkinpie2 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      One of the worst
      I hate to say it, but this is the one of the worst gay bathhouses I've been too. Maybe Im just spoiled because I live in San Francisco. As you drive it appears you are entering a luxury facility, but dont be fooled. The interior consists mostly of rooms and a small crowd. There is really no dark area (one one room they removed the bed and turned the lights off. The steam room was out of order when I was there. They have a communal shower that had more the vibe of a gym (not sexy and fun). The sauna was not hot. The best part of Club Fort Lauderdale is the patio. Its huge! Big pool, hot tub, and tv's. It would be amazing if this was full of a hundred people, but thats just a fantasy. I went at night (after midnight) and it was dead. Didnt try Slammer, but the gay bathhouse in Miami is much better!