BeachBear Weekend is a celebration of masculine and furry men from all over the world. BeachBear Weekends huge success in it’s 2012 premier was a thrilling example of how a community can come together to create something special and exciting for a great cause. There about 40 other large scale Bear Events that happen every year in the USA, and in our debut showing we posted enough people to become the second best attended Bear Event in the nation.
Fort Lauderdale is known for its large Bear community, and also for being an amazing party destination with great beaches. The Bear Community has a long history of creating hot events that benefit the community on a year round basis and we want to keep up with that tradition.
BeachBear Weekend was created to showcase the healthy outdoor lifestyle enjoyed in Greater Fort Lauderdale. The events over the course of those days will focus on the beach, surf, food, and hot parties at local bars and venues. In addition to the pool parties and bar nights, there will be alternative activities including sunrise meditations on the beach, water sports, and a boat excursion are also being planned.
The event will benefit Sunserve, a local charity that recognizes the entire LGBTQ community has the right to quality care. Their mission is to provide critical life assistance and professional mental health services with an emphasis on the economically disadvantaged, marginalized youths, and senior adults in Greater Fort Lauderdale.

For more information go to: You can book your room, Register for the event and get deals on airfare.


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